Horse Posters & Charts
by Sam Savitt

Four Breeds in Portrait & Action
Standardbred ~ Thoroughbred ~ Quarter Horse ~ Morgan
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Standardbred in Portrait & Action Thoroughbred in Portrait & Action Quarter Horse in Portrait & Action Morgan Horse in Portrait & Action

Guide to Horses
      Guide to Horses

This is Sam Savitt’s famous Guide to Horses chart originally painted in 1963.
It gives facts about horses, the skeletal structure of a trotting horse, the
muscular system of a galloping horse, as well as brief descriptions
of 24 horse breeds and 12 pony breeds.

Three Sizes on Heavy Duty Paper:
Large: 36" x 25" $25.50
Medium: 21" X 14-3/4" $15.50
Small: 9" x 6-1/4" $10.50

Horse Information Chart
Horse Information Chart

This poster has everything you want to know about a horse:
Colors, markings, confirmation, faults, gaits all artistically
presented in clear, explicit pictures and explanations.
It answers the questions: What is a skewbald? How is a head put on
right or wrong? What is the difference between a star and a stripe?

Two Sizes on Heavy Duty Paper:
Large: 24" x 37" $25.50 ~ Medium 14-1/2” X 22” $15.50


Sam Savitt Looks at Dressage Laminated Poster

Sam Savitt Looks at Dressage

This poster goes over the various moves used in a Dressage
Competition. It is beautifully presented and informative. Created in 1992.

Large Laiminated: 24" X 30" ~ $25.50


Draft Horse by Sam Savitt

Sam Savitt Draft Horse

This poster introduces sixteen breeds of Draft Horse, going over
the parts of the horse and the parts of the harness.
Originally painted in 1981.
Size: 24" X 36" ~ Heavy Duty Paper $21.50


Rodeo Events by Sam Savitt

This colorful poster illustrates the rodeo events of Steer Wrestling,
Team Roping, Bareback Bronc Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding,
Bull Riding, and Calf Roping. It includes comments on each event.
It was created in 1993 and is in new condition.
Size: 30-1/4" x 24-1/2"
Laminated $25.50 ~ Heavy Duty Paper $21.50


Draw Horses with Sam Savitt

Draw Horses with Sam Savitt

This poster provides instructions on how to draw, using the method
as the book of the same title (which is no longer in print).
It would be ideal hung up in a drawing studio or class.
Done in 1977.
Size: 36" x 24"
Laminated $25.50 ~ Heavy duty Paper $21.50


Old Salem Farm Poster by Sam Savitt

Old Salem Farm Poster

This poster, with Sam’s signature imprinted, was done for the
Old Salem Farm Second Annual American Cancer Society Horse Show
in North Salem, New York on May 19 to 22, 1983

Size: 17" x 22" $19.99


Spanish Riding School Spanish Riding School

Lipizzaner Stallions

This poster of the Spanish Riding School was made to promote the arrival
of the Lipizzaner horses in the U.S.A. The original painting was done in 1982.
The back of the poster has a photograph and information.

Size: 7" X 10-1/2" ~ $10.75

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