The Morgan Horse in Portrait & Action

The Morgan Horse in Portrait & Action

This drawing is on top grade heavy-weight stock in Duotone with
Calligraphy, showing the Morgan Horse in portrait and action.

Beginning at the top center then continuing down the right side, it says:
Sam Savitt Horse Breed Series.
This adaptable horse is just as efficient in harness as he is under saddle.
The Morgan's speed and stamina has made them valuable as reining and cutting horses.
Morgans are one of the most popular breeds in the 4-H Club programs.

The bottom center says: The Morgan horse sprang from one sire, Justin Morgan,
foaled in 1789. This breed is known for its great disposition, strength
and versatility. Not all Morgans today resemble their ancestor in
conformation, but the Morgan head and neck are unmistakable.

Continuing on the left side from the bottom up it says: Saddle type
of today is flashy but hardly resembles the original type.
The Stock Horse type of the breed is used extensively and successfully in cow country.
The Trail Horse type very successful in endurance trials, most resembles his distinguished ancestor.

Size: 15" X 19"