Color Prints from Original Works of Art
by Sam Savitt

Fine Art Print ~ Drop Jump

Drop Jump

This limited edition print of an original oil painting done in 1979 realistically captures
the excitement of a fox hunt in this scene of horses and riders going over a stone wall.
The "drop jump" is a type of obstacle found in fox hunting country. It may be three feet high
on the takeoff side but can drop as much as five feet on the landing side. The chestnut
horse is taking it safely, coming in slowly and jumping from a trot with no great
propulsion. The black horse in the foreground has jumped boldly, landing
easily on the downgrade and is ready to roll on to the next fence.
But no matter how it is approached, the "drop jump" presents
a mental hazard to both horse and rider.

Overall Size: 24-3/4" x 20-1/2' ~ Image Size: 19-7/8" x 15-3/8"



Fine Art Print ~ Going Home

Going Home

This limited edition print of an original oil painting done in 1978 realistically captures
the end of the fox hunt in this scene of a huntsman calling in the hounds. The fox hunt is over.
The late afternoon sun is going down as the huntsman gathers his hounds. It is nearly
twilight, that time between afternoon and dusk. The colors of the scarlet coat
and gray horse and hounds seem to sharpen in the deepening shadows.

Overall Size: 24-7/8" x 20-3/8' ~ Image Size: 19-7/8" x 15-3/8"



Mare and Newborn Foal
This print of a mare and new born foal trotting out for the first time is
aptly named: Pride of the Farm. The original was painted by
Sam Savitt in 1965. It is printed on heavy duty paper.
Overall Size: 18-7/8" x 13-5/8" ~ Image Size: 17-3/8" x 12-7/8"

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