Quarter Horse in Portrait & Action

Quarter Horse in Portrait & Action

This chart shows the versatility of the American Quarter Horse.

Beginning at top center then down the right side it says: Sam Savitt Horse
Breed Series. Hunting in trappy country requires a horse of even
disposition and agility. Quarter Horse racing is becoming more
and more popular in the United States. Speed and maneuverability
has made the Quarter Horse virtually unbeatable for barrel racing.

The center bottom says: The American Quarter Horse started
from an English Thoroughbred, 'Janus,' who lived in Virginia
and North Carolina between 1756 and 1780. This breed
has great speed up to a quarter mile. He is a quick,
heavy framed horse of tremendous power.

Contining on the left side from the bottom up: Cutting
cattle on the range or in competition demands his unquestionable
ability. Roping calls for a horse with fast getaway, speed and quick
stops. Polo makes full use of his steady temperament and flashing speed.

Size: 15" X 19"