The Standardbred Horse in Portrait & Action

The Standardbred Horse in Portrait & Action

This drawing is on top grade heavy-weight stock in Duotone with
Calligraphy, showing the Standardbred Horse in portrait and action.

Beginning at the top center then continuing down the right side, it says:
Sam Savitt Horse Breed Series. The Trotter has a two beat gait in which the diagonal legs move together.
'Sleepy Tom,' a blind pacer, in 1879 paced the fastest mile in the world 2:12-1/4
'Greyhound,' one of the greatest trotters of the time, in 1938 did record mile 1:55-1/4.

The bottom center says: The Standardbred is the official name of American trotting and
pacing horses. The breed dates from 1879. He is heavier limbed and more
robust than the Thoroughbred with longer body and shorter
legs. He possesses tremendous heart and stamina.

Continuing on the left side from the bottom up it says:
Rysdyk's 'Hambletonian,' foaled in 1849, was the father of the modern Standarbred trotter.
Messenger, a Thoroughbred foaled in 1780, was the most renowned progenitor of the Standardbred.
The Pacer has a two beat gait in which the lateral legs move together.

Size: 15" X 19"