Thoroughbred in Portrait & Action

Thoroughbred in Portrait & Action

This drawing is on top grade heavy-weight stock in Duotone with
Calligraphy, showing the Thoroughbred Horse in portrait and action.

Beginning at the center top then continuing clockwise it says: Sam Savitt
Horse Breed Series. The flatracer's speed is unequalled. No other breed can
stay with him. The Thoroughbred hunter is heavier built than the racer, but has
same general characteristics. The best open horses and International
jumpers are Thoroughbred or part Thoroughbred.

The center bottom says: The Thoroughbred, the fastest horse ever produced,
evolved from three foundation sires: the Byerly Turk, the Godolphin Barb, and the
Darley Arabian. They were imported into England between
1690 and 1725 and bred to native mares.

Continuing on the left side from the bottom up: All registered Thoroughbreds
are considered to have the same birthday, January 1. Thoroughbred Yearling
sales have become quite international, attracting buyers from all over the world.
The Thoroughbred steeplechaser is perhaps the best 'run and jump' horse ever bred.

Size: 15" X 19"